Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza Designed by Zaha Hadid Breaks Ground

A groundbreaking ceremony for Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza, constructed on plot No. AB2910019 in Baiyun New Town, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China, was held on 15 November 2016. The plot of land was acquired by LKK Health Products Group (LKKHPG), through its member Guangdong Infinitus Property Development Company Ltd., in May 2016 for RMB 2.01 billion (approx. USD 294 million). World-leading architect Zaha Hadid, who was known as the “Queen of the Curve”, served as the designer of the project. It is the first project among Zaha Hadid’s final architectural works to break ground.

Mr. Lee Man Tat, Lee Kum Kee Group Chairman and his wife, Mr. Charlie Lee, Chairman of Lee Kum Kee Sauce Group, Mr. Sammy Lee, Chairman & Managing Director of LKKHPG and his wife, and Mr. Satoshi Ohashi, Director of Zaha Hadid Architects in the Far East, as well as more than 500 distinguished guests and journalists attended the ceremony.

Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza will be a complex of modern buildings that combines health, fashion, environmental conservation and intelligent technologies, comprising several facilities including a new global R&D centre, a Chinese herbal medicine research and safety assessment centre, as well as a corporate exhibition centre and gallery. It will serve as the new headquarters of Infinitus (China) Company Ltd., a member of LKKHPG, meeting Infinitus’ projected business and office needs for the next 10 to 15 years. The overall investment in the project will reach RMB 4.5 billion (approx. USD 659 million), and the construction is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2020.

“24 years ago, Infinitus started its business in Baiyun District. And today, 24 years later, Infinitus embarks on its new journey here again,” said Mr. Harry Yeung, Senior Vice President of LKKHPG. “Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza reflects Infinitus’ commitment to the health industry and the Spirit of Constant Entrepreneurship. It will bring customers and employees a dynamic new environment, and drive the economic growth of Baiyun District and the surrounding areas. “

Mr. Satoshi Ohashi enjoyed 30 years of working experience with Zaha Hadid. He said: “Ms. Zaha Hadid gave a high evaluation and expectations of this work. The design of Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza continues her legacy. As she had referred, this fluidity of the architecture had the coherence and intricacy of nature. Infinitus has a vision for nurturing healthier lives and adheres to the Spirit of Constant Entrepreneurship. Zaha Hadid has translated this to create a new workplace environment that nurtures openness and communication. The design activates the city and its surrounding conditions, while implementing the latest technologic solutions and construction methods to create a functional, adaptable and enjoyable workplace.”

Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza just looks unlike a workplace. Designed as a series of “infinite rings” that bring everyone together and follow the arrangement of the symbol for infinity – ∞ – Zaha Hadid organized all departments within Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza around the central atria and courtyards that foster open communication and interaction. The buildings were designed to maximise the amount of natural light entering the interior while the exterior surfaces provide sun shading and rain collection systems. Connected walkways improve communication for all employees. Walking and jogging courses as well as a garden of Chinese herbal plants and flora on the roof enable all employees and visitors to maintain an active lifestyle.

The health industry will embrace broader development space under the guidance of the national strategy “Healthy China”. Upon completion, Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza will be an important anchor to the health industry development of Baiyun District, contributing to the local economy with excellent employment opportunities.

Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza is the first large project in which LKKHPG conducted site selection, conceptual planning, and construction all by itself in Chinese Mainland. LKKHPG had earlier acquired the Infinitus Centre in Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou; the Infinitus Plaza in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong; and the Shanghai Corporate Avenue 3 (soon to be renamed Infinitus Tower) in Huangpu District, Shanghai. This collection of quality properties is expected to meet the long-term development goals of LKKHPG while providing strong support for the sustainable and healthy development of Infinitus’ business.

About Zaha Hadid Architects

Zaha Hadid, founder of Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA), was awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize (considered to be the Nobel Prize of architecture) in 2004. She was the first woman to receive the award and internationally known for her ground-breaking streamlined architectural works. Zaha Hadid’s outstanding architecture projects also include the MAXXI Museum in Rome, the 2012 London Olympic Aquatics Centre, the Jockey Club Innovation Tower at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the Guangzhou Opera House, and the Wangjing SOHO in Beijing.

Zaha Hadid’s vision redefined architecture for the 21st century and captured imaginations across the globe. Her legacy endures within the DNA of the design studio she created. Working with office partner Patrik Schumacher for three decades, ZHA’s work arranges form and space into breath-taking spatial compositions. With 55 projects in 26 countries under construction or in design development, ZHA’s hugely talented and dedicated teams honour Zaha’s legacy, working to design and deliver transformational projects on six continents.

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