“Guided by the principles of Si Li Ji Ren, constant entrepreneurship and autopilot leadership, we strive to be the most trusted enterprise for a healthier and happier world beyond 1,000 years!”

My late father, Mr. Lee Man Tat, has set himself as a role model for us (the fourth generation).  Ever since we were at our early age, we have been taught to practise “Si Li Ji Ren” as the guiding principle in dealing with people and matters. This core value has been inherited in the Lee Kum Kee family and remains our business ethos today. As such, Lee Kum Kee Group’s millennial vision is a true embodiment of “Si Li Ji Ren”.

One may wonder, why a thousand years? Indeed, it is a matter of perspective. “Si Li Ji Ren” emphasizes “considering collective benefits before acting”. It encourages us to adopt a “Helicopter View” — to rise above the immediate with a broader view and elevate our perspective from a personal point of view, “Me”, to a holistic view, “We”. The “We” mindset ascends beyond the corporate viewpoint to take on a global perspective and envision a future millennium. As a result, we are dedicated to becoming the “Most Trusted” enterprise strived to creating a healthier and happier world for generations to come.


Trust, The Cornerstone of Our Legacy

Over the years, Lee Kum Kee has upheld the core value of “Si Li Ji Ren” to foster trust among our stakeholders. This bond of trust has become as the company’s intangible asset, affirming our devotion to “Si Li Ji Ren”.

We have been cultivating long-term, mutually trusting relationships with consumers and stakeholders since we started the Sauce business. Adhering to the “100-1=0” quality management philosophy ensures that we never compromise on quality, and forging a strong rapport with suppliers is crucial to achieving this goal. Guided by “Si Li Ji Ren”, we have built mutually beneficial and trusting partnerships with suppliers as we grow. With the “We” perspective, we strive to achieve win-win cooperation by supporting each other at times of need. Thus we have established long-standing partnerships with many suppliers over generations. Such mutual trust has allowed us to accomplish a comprehensive “from farm to fork” food safety management model, ensuring the quality and goodwill of Lee Kum Kee’s products and earning consumers’ trust. This hard-earned credibility is a vital asset for Lee Kum Kee that ensures our success. I sincerely thank all our business partners and consumers for their unwavering support throughout the years.

In today’s digital era, information overload and misinformation are undermining trust, which I firmly believe is crucial in building long-term customer relationships and the key to business continuity. As we progress, Lee Kum Kee aspires to become “consumer/user-centric” by maintaining trusting customer relationships and being the “Most Trusted” enterprise.


Our Commitment to Health and Happiness

“Si Li Ji Ren” is a guiding principle that has profoundly influenced every stage of Lee Kum Kee’s development.

By adhering to the “We” mindset, Lee Kum Kee aims not only to achieve sustainability but also to bring a lasting positive impact to the world. We firmly believe that the human pursuit of “Health and Happiness” will remain unchanged amid the change of time. To this end, the company has cohered “Health and Happiness” into our vision. In 2016, we donated to establish the Lee Kum Sheung Center for Health and Happiness at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. By supporting scientific research, we aim to enhance the well-being of humanity by raising public awareness of health and happiness.

Pursuing “Health and Happiness” has been an all-time journey for Lee Kum Kee.  Starting from the sauce and condiment business, which is driven by the mission to “promote Chinese Culinary Culture Worldwide” and spread the joy of delicacies, to venturing into the Chinese herbal health industry and establishing Infinitus, we are dedicated to “advocating premium Chinese health regimen” by providing the public with high-quality Chinese herbal health products and emphasizing the quest for a healthy and happy life.

The aspiration to building a healthier and happier world grows along with our business diversification. Happiness Properties has integrated happiness into its offerings by launching “Happy Moment” — a co-working space at Infinitus Plaza in Sheung Wan, as well as implementing pet-friendly measures, all to create a happier world through innovative property management solutions.

By the same token, Happiness Capital has a unique value proposition focusing on “Happiness Return”, a strategy which is very different from typical start-up investment firms that focus solely on financial returns. It strives to invest in start-ups and young enterprises that aligned with its mission of co-creating a happier world.

Looking ahead, we are resolute in extending our goals beyond business sustainability and strive for our vision. As the Executive Chairman, I am dedicated to steering Lee Kum Kee Group in upholding the core values of “Si Li Ji Ren” and becoming the “Most Trusted” enterprise. We will continue to put “Health and Happiness” at the core of our vision to contribute to a healthier and happier world as we forge ahead towards the millennium and beyond.


Mr. Sammy Lee
Executive Chairman
Lee Kum Kee Group

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