Sauces and Condiments

With the mission of “Promoting Chinese Culinary Culture Worldwide”, Lee Kum Kee Sauce provides high-quality sauces and food products to serve consumers worldwide.

Chinese Herbal
Health Products

Infinitus advocates premium Chinese health regimens and embraces a unique health regimen philosophy that “promotes healthy living through life nurturing and vitality assurance”. By providing Traditional Chinese herbal health products and services of high quality, we strive to co-create healthier and happier lives with the community.

Traditional Chinese
Medicine Plantation

In promoting the healthy development of the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) industry, Tianfangjian believes in “ensuring premium raw medicinal materials from the very outset” by modernizing, standardizing and internationalizing TCM production to enhance safety and efficacy right from the source, hence making positive contribution to human wellness.

Investment Management and Real Estate Services

Under the motto “Constant Entrepreneurship”, we have expanded our property investment portfolio on a global scale, generating new dynamics in the projects we develop. Our goal is to ensure the wellness, well-being and happiness of everyone in our properties.


Happiness Capital is a global venture capital firm with a unique value proposition that focuses on “Happiness Return”. It invests in startups and VC funds that share the same mission of co-creating a happier world.

Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is the key to business sustainability. We advocate a unique leadership model that amalgamates Eastern and Western management theories. By cultivating leaders with positive corporate culture, business can benefit from an engaged team of employees delivering full potential and thrilled with a strong sense of “Happiness”.

The Movement to
Co-create a Happier World

Through series of workshops and activities stemming from the idea of “We > I”, we strive to inspire the exploration and development of “Happiness” habits in daily lives, encourage everyone to share these learnings with others to co-create “Super Happiness”.

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