Infinitus Bridge Donated by Lee Kum Kee Group Opens to Traffic in Its Hometown Xinhui

On 8 September 2017, after six years of construction, the Infinitus Bridge donated by Lee Kum Kee Group was open to traffic in Xinhui district of Jiangmen, Guangdong province, the hometown of the Lee Kum Kee Family. An unveiling ceremony of the Infinitus Avenue and Lee Kum Kee Avenue adjacent to Infinitus Bridge was also held that day.

More than 130 guests, including Mr. Lee Man Tat, Chairman of Lee Kum Kee Group, and his wife, members of Lee Kum Kee Family Council-Mr. Eddy Lee, Mrs. Elizabeth Mok, Mr. Charlie Lee and Mr. Sammy Lee- attended the event.

In 2011, Lee Kum Kee Group donated RMB68 million (approximately USD10 million) to build Lee Man Tat Bridge and Infinitus Bridge in Qibao town, Xinhui. The 1.26-km Lee Man Tat Bridge was completed and opened to traffic in 2014, while Infinitus Bridge was completed last year and opened to traffic this year. The latter bridge, together with the adjacent Qibao Bridge, forms a 2.4-km-long Grade-A four-lane – two lanes in each direction – thoroughfare.

Qibao boasts excellent natural conditions. It is surrounded by rivers, making bridges a key transportation infrastructure for the area. With the rapid development of the local economy, existing bridges faced heavy traffic pressure. The completion of Lee Man Tat Bridge and Infinitus Bridge relief the concern, not only upgrading the local transportation network, but also improving the local investment environment.

In recognition of Lee Kum Kee Group’s contribution, the local government named the two roads that traverse Lee Man Tat Bridge and Infinitus Bridge, respectively, Lee Kum Kee Avenue and Infinitus Avenue.

As a famous hometown of overseas Chinese, Xinhui is also where the Lee Kum Kee Family originated. The Chinese culture of “fallen leaves return to the roots”, which means a man will revert to his origin eventually, led Lee Kum Kee Group to invest in building factories in Xinhui in 1995. To date, two production bases for sauces and health products respectively have been established by the Group in the district, covering an area of over 1.13 million square metres, about the size of 158 football fields. The operations not only contribute more than RMB3 billion (approx. USD450 million) to government tax annually, but also create jobs and promote local economic development. For years, the Group has also spared no effort in supporting local education and infrastructure construction.

Mr. Lee Man Tat once said, “Lee Kum Kee aims to become China’s largest sauce manufacturer, backed by the support of our hometown.” Now the two multinational businesses of Lee Kum Kee Group have realised scale expansion. Lee Man Tat Bridge and Infinitus Bridge will witness and further facilitate the long-term development of the local economy and the Group.

About Lee Kum Kee Group

Lee Kum Kee Group is a Hong Kong-based company founded in 1888. It consists of two international business units: Lee Kum Kee Sauce Group and LKK Health Products Group (LKKHPG). Lee Kum Kee Sauce Group specialises in the production of sauces and condiments under the Lee Kum Kee brand. LKKHPG operates diversified businesses spanning Chinese herbal health products, property investment, Chinese herbs plantations and trading, and venture capital for startups. Trademarks of LKKHPG include “Infinitus”, “Tianfangjian”, and “Happiness Capital”.

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