Infinitus Joins Hands with Cambridge for Core Active Peptide Technology

Infinitus Joins Hands with Cambridge for Core Active Peptide Technology

On 9 January 2016, at the 2016 Infinitus (China) Business Leaders’ Annual Assembly organized by Infinitus (China) Company Ltd., a member of LKK Health Product Group (LKKHPG), Mr. Clemens Kaminski, Professor at Cambridge University and Chief Scientist at the Cambridge Infinitus Research Centre (CIRCE), joined Dr. William Ma, Director of the R&D Centre of LKKHPG and Co-chair of CIRCE, and Mr. Huang Zebo, Professor from Guangdong Pharmaceutical University and Consultant to CIRCE for a panel discussion. The dialogue offered updates from Cambridge and Infinitus (China) on their cooperation since the inception of their jointly developed CIRCE.

Bringing In Overseas Know-How for Sound Growth of the Chinese Herbal Health Industry

As one of the most renowned institutes of higher learning in the world, Cambridge University is a cooperative partner that is greatly desired by many R&D institutes. CICRE was founded on 2 December 2015, marking the first multinational R&D cooperation platform by Infinitus.

In his remarks during the discussion, Prof. Kaminski said, “Last year’s Noble Prize in Medicine was awarded for research into Artemisinin, an ancient Chinese Herbal Medicine, which is today the most effective drug against malaria. The establishment and mission of CIRCE are thus very timely.  Infinitus has a huge library of compounds derived from natural products, and nature is always the best guide in designing new compounds. In CIRCE we will combine cutting edge molecular biology research with Infinitus’ expertise in herbal products from which new methods and products may arise.”

Powerful Partnership for Core Active Peptide Technology

Infinitus has for many years enjoyed remarkable development in the Chinese herbal industry. Its flagship product, the Infinitus Health Tonic, whose main ingredient is Compound Polysaccharides, has been very popular in the market. By leveraging the resources of a top-notch international R&D institute, Infinitus aims to develop another core technology based on Active Peptides.

In the discussion, Dr. William Ma noted that CICRE would carry out research on the efficacy of active peptides in delaying aging and improving memory. By using state-of-the-art microscopy, it aims to present and materialize its research achievements for the benefit of customers.  

Prof. Kaminski also introduced the application of super resolution microscopy. “This technique allows us to look at things with much better resolution that wasn’t previously possible, from the smallest molecule to the whole organism. The key work we have pioneered is to use super resolution techniques to look at the molecule mechanisms of proteins which go wrong.”

According to the host’s introduction, Prof. Kaminski and his team at the Cambridge Super Resolution Microscopy Centre “have ushered in a brand new perspective of illustrating the causes of diseases from the molecular level, which helps us to see directly the active substance within the cells and how diseases are cured by altering molecules.”

During the event, both sides expressed their vision into the future of their partnership. Dr. William Ma said, “Through deepened cooperation with such a world-class, prestigious R&D Institute, we will strengthen Infinitus’ leading edge in Chinese herbal health products and in the entire health products industry. Such a partnership will further improve the credibility of Infinitus’ herbal health products and provide a guarantee for the company to offer customers more reliable, effective products of high quality.”

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