Lee Kum Kee 135th Anniversary Celebration

Lee Kum Kee Group celebrated its 135th anniversary at Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza on December 16, 2023.

Themed “A 135-year Legacy: Constant Entrepreneurship Beyond the Millennium”, it is an internal event to celebrate the establishment of the century-old Lee Kum Kee and showed honour to the spirit of Constant Entrepreneurship that drives the business success.  This momentous occasion began with an opening ceremony attended by the Group Board members, Core Management Team, senior executives from the Group and all Business Units as well as Lee Kum Kee Family.

Opening Ceremony – Gratitude and Thankfulness

Mr. David Lee, Chairman of Owners Council, delivered an opening address to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of the family stewardship in building a solid foundation and creating great values and principles for the generations. He promised the dedicated efforts of the Owners will continue to drive a successful succession for perpetually past 1,000 years. 

Next came Mr. Jonathan Lee, Family Assembly Member as well as the representative of the 5th generation of Lee Kum Kee Family, to express his gratitude to the predecessors for their cultural preservation as well as the resilience and persistent entrepreneurial spirits that have driven the vision for the Group’s expansion into new ventures. 

Exhibitions, Booths and Tour – The now and then

To showcase the heritage and achievements of Lee Kum Kee over 135 years, an exhibition gallery was staged in the atrium where many precious photos were displayed to show the remarkable milestones of the Group.  Alongside to this were the booths set up by different Business Units.  Each booth was well-designed to highlight the business features and demonstrate the unique capabilities of individual business as well as the diversity of the Group.  Interactive games were added to fill the fun of the day.  Since many participants on the day have never been to Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza before, therefore guided tours were arranged for them to tour around this architectural masterpiece building combining stylish and modern smart features with environmental conservative elements.  The one-hour tour brought them to visit different spots of Infinitus Plaza, such as Infinitus Global Experience Centre and Infinitus Live Broadcast Centre, offering them a refined journey and happiness experience.

Banquet – A night of fun and get-together

The evening banquet commenced from showing a congratulatory video shot by staff from different Business Units around the world, sending best wishes to the birthday of Lee Kum Kee. Subsequently the brand-new Lee Kum Kee 135th anniversary video was officially launched.  The video recapped the milestones, illustrated the growth and explained the thousand-year business vision of the Group. 

Then, Mr. Sammy Lee, Executive Chairman of Lee Kum Kee Group, gave his remarks on sharing the company vision, mission, VCP (Value, Culture and Personal Qualities) and transformation role model of Thousand Years Family Business.

Other highlights of the night were filled with entertaining programmes performed by the Family members, Core Management Team and senior executives, bringing much rejoicing and engagement to the floor.    

As the 135th anniversary celebrations unfold, Lee Kum Kee Group looks forward to realising its mission of becoming “the most trusted enterprise for a healthier and happier world beyond 1,000 years”.

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