Lee Kum Kee Family Wins “Hong Kong Family Legacy Award”

On 14 October 2016, the Lee Kum Kee Family was honoured with the “Hong Kong Family Legacy Award” by the Legacy Academy. Mr. Eddy Lee, Executive Director of Lee Kum Kee Group received the award on behalf.

Established in 2012, the Legacy Academy engages in a full spectrum of family succession and continuity planning services and provides professional advice and guidance to Chinese family enterprises with a mission to ensure the sustainability of their family legacies. Inaugurated this year, the Legacy Award was a signature ceremony to recognise the most coveted individuals and organisations for their distinctive contribution to society in family legacy.

Careful assessments are conducted to recognise individuals and organisations based on their best practices in five dimensions with 34 criteria on the management of wealth capital, enterprise capital, family capital, human capital and knowledge capital. This year, eight individuals and organisations that have demonstrated best practices in family legacy were duly recognised.

The Board of Examiners has commended Lee Kum Kee as a role model for Chinese ethnic enterprises, impressed by its stringent quality management, strong market development capability and its spirit of Constant Entrepreneurship which have successively set up a globally renowned Chinese sauce and condiments enterprise and a leading health products company in China.

It is also remarkable that, adhering to “Si Li Ji Ren” as its core values, Lee Kum Kee focusses not only on wealth inheritance, but also on engaging the next generation in the family’s core values and cultural legacy. Its success thus serves well as a valuable reference for other Chinese ethnic enterprises that focus on family legacy.

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