LKK Health Products Group Consecutively Awarded the “Caring Company” and “Happy Company” Logos

LKK Health Products Group (“LKKHPG” or “the Group”) was awarded as a Caring Company again by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service. The award recognises the company’s care for and devotion to the communities, its employees and the environment. Infinitus (Hong Kong) Company Ltd., a member of LKKHPG, has been named as a Caring Company for the fourth time. In addition, the Group was named a Happy Company once again by the Promoting Happiness Index Foundation and Hong Kong Productivity Council.

Last year, the Group continued to strengthen its corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts. For example, the LKKHPG Volunteer Service Team in Hong Kong joined hands again with St. James Settlement in launching various care activities for seniors, such as accompanying the seniors in poor health or with limited mobility to visit Hong Kong museums and scenic spots. This outdoor activity provided them with warmth and nice food.

In addition, the Group has adopted a series of family-friendly employment policies and practices to help its employees achieve a tri-balance among health, family and work. Meanwhile, the Group attaches great importance to employee development. It has established a comprehensive training system and encourages employees to actively innovate, aiming to enhance their competitiveness. For instance, it has created and implemented the Core Competency Model, which aims for employees’ continuous development by requiring them to integrate the four dimensions – innovating and breaking through, pragmatism and integrity, We>I, and customer-orientation – into daily work.

Regarding environmental protection, energy conservation and low-carbon equipment are highly encouraged. In February, the Group supported the Red Envelope Recycling Campaign launched by the Greeners Action in Hong Kong, which collected recyclable red envelopes from staff in Hong Kong and Guangzhou and then distributed the envelopes to those in need for free. It aimed to raise employees’ environmental awareness and encourage them to “cherish reused materials and reduce waste”.

Earlier this year, LKKHPG released its latest CSR report alongside its member Infinitus for the first time. This arrangement demonstrates the CSR gene throughout LKKHPG and its business units as well as their determination and promises to shoulder CSR. 

Infinitus, as a member of LKKHPG, always upholds the core values “Si Li Ji Ren”. hWile developing its own business in the Chinese mainland and overseas markets, it also actively participates in addressing issues related to life nurturing and vulnerable groups in the local communities, encourages employees to take part in volunteer services, and practises good corporate citizenship.

Last year, Infinitus (Hong Kong) Company Ltd once again supported the charity walk hosted by the Community Chest and visited and distributed fortune bags to over 100 seniors living alone during Mid-Autumn festival, and organised a volunteer farming activity in November, in which its distributors helped the elderly do farm work, chatted with them and spent a happy time together.

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