LKKHPG Commended as A Family-Friendly Employer

On 25 October 2016, LKK Health Products Group (LKKHPG) was commended as “Family-Friendly Employer 2015/16” by the Hong Kong Home Affairs Bureau and the Family Council. The award is the recognition of LKKHPG’s achievement for its family-friendly employment policies and practices.

“Si Li Ji Ren” (the interest of all of us should be considered before taking any action) is LKKHPG’s core values, which advocates taking a helicopter view, thinking from others’ perspectives and caring about others’ feelings. To create a “feel good” working atmosphere, LKKHPG has been committed to helping its employees achieve a tri-balance among health, family and work.

The company has adopted a series of employees and family friendly measures. For example, it offers flexible working hours for employees to take their family responsibilities conveniently. To ensure a comprehensive protection for employees and their families, company insurance program that benefits both parties is granted. In addition, fruits, soups, and healthy drinks are provided to make employees feel at home.

“The “Family-Friendly Employer” recognition demonstrates how our unique corporate culture promotes a harmonious and caring culture,” said Mr. Harry Yeung, Senior Vice President of LKKHPG.

Family-friendly employment policies and practices have become more popular with employers.  These are intended to help employees balance their work and family, and bring the win-win benefits to both employers and employees. It results in improved morale, enhanced working relationships and reduced staff turnover.

The biennial Award Scheme is organized by the Hong Kong Home Affairs Bureau and the Family Council, a cross-sector and cross-bureau platform, which is established by the government. Launched in 2011, the scheme aims to recognize and encourage employers’ implementation of family-friendly employment policies and practices, so as to foster a pro-family culture and environment. An assessment panel comprising experts and representatives from various sectors will assess the applications and select the awardees with reference to criteria, such as family-friendly employment policies and practices (FFEPPs) adopted by employers, benefits of implementing FFEPPs to employers and employees, and the rationale behind the implementation of FFEPPs and management commitment.

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