LKKHPG Honoured with Silver Award for Volunteer Service (Organization) for First Time

Recently, LKK Health Products Group (LKKHPG or the Group) has been granted with the Silver Award for Volunteer Service (Organization) by the Social Welfare Department (SWD) of Hong Kong for the first time, in recognition of its active volunteer service in 2017.

The LKKHPG Volunteer Service Team, which the Group founded in 2016, engaged employees and their family and friends in contributing 601 hours of volunteer service to the community throughout 2017. They participated in various activities for senior citizens and children, including visits and caring activities on a regular basis.

The SWD has formally carried out the Volunteer Movement since 1998 to facilitate volunteer development in Hong Kong. The Steering Committee on Promotion of Volunteer Service that the SWD set up designed a standardised recognition system to recognise the contribution from individual volunteers and participating organizations according to the yearly accumulated number of service hours served.

LKKHPG said that such official recognition by a government institution would spur itself continuously to fulfill its corporate social responsibility and contribute more to the community.

LKKHPG has always borne in mind its corporate citizenship while developing its business. It has been giving back to the community ever since its foundation. So far, the Group has carried out dozens of public benefit programmes including the Si Li Ji Ren Education Dream Support Programme and Infinitus World Walking Day, and made accumulated donations worth over RMB 200 million.

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