LKKHPG Releases Its Updated CSR ABC Manual

On 18 January 2018, LKK Health Products Group (LKKHPG) released the updated version of its Corporate Social Responsibility ABC Manual, aiming to familiarise its employees with the latest global trends in CSR as well as the CSR management systems and philosophies of the Group and its business units. In this way, they can better understand the relation between their work and social responsibility and thus take the initiative to fulfill their duties.

Early in 2013, LKKHPG released its first Corporate Social Responsibility ABC Manual for its employees. The person in charge of the Manual said, “The manual is the Group’s first internal guide on CSR. We realised our colleagues were not very familiar with CSR, so we launched this internal CSR publication for them while releasing our CSR reports. In the past few years, CSR has developed tremendously, both externally and internally. In order to update our growing workforce on the key CSR philosophies of the company and from around the world, we decided to release this updated version.”

The updated version is based on the version released in 2013. But unlike the previous version as a detailed CSR textbook, it is positioned as a concise magazine with interesting CSR information. It consists of four parts: Why, What, How and Our CSR, and introduces different CSR philosophies of LKKHPG’s different businesses.

Wang Xin, an employee from LKKHPG talked about the comparison of the two versions: “The previous version records some CSR practices by employees and helps us realise CSR is not far away from us. The updated version enables us to focus on the popular keywords related to CSR, which are easier to remember and comprehend.”

LKKHPG has always been adhering to its core values “Si Li Ji Ren” and promoting its CSR practices. After the United Nations released the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015, LKKHPG actively responded to this initiative and matched its member Infinitus’ CSR with SDGs. It combined the Six Responsibilities and Eight Critical Actions of Infinitus, identified related SDGs to Infinitus’ value chain, and confirmed the final four areas for Infinitus to endorse, that is, health, people, earth and society, along with their respective action plans.

LKKHPG has already released this updated manual online for its employees to study for the sake of convenience and environmental protection.

About LKK Health Products Group

LKK Health Products Group, a Hong Kong-based corporation, was established by the Lee Kum Kee Family in 1992. It operates diversified businesses in Chinese herbal health products, Chinese herbs plantation and trading, property investment, and venture capital for startups. And it employs approximately 5,000 people.

LKKHPG’s members include Infinitus (China) Company Ltd., Infinitus (Hong Kong) Company Ltd., Infinitus International Company Ltd., Infinitus International (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd., Infinitus Health Products (Singapore) Pte Ltd., Infinitus Innovations (Canada) Inc., Tianfangjian (China) Pharmacy Company Ltd., Happiness Capital Limited, and Infinitus Property Investment (Hong Kong) Limited.

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