LKKHPG Wins the First Employer Branding Creativity Award through Promoting Health Philosophy

On 21 July 2017, the Health Philosophy Programme of LKK Health Products Group (LKKHPG) was honoured with the Best Employee Experience Award of the first Employer Branding Creativity Award in Greater China, which recognised LKKHPG’s creativity in improving employee health and well-being.

The competition was jointly held by renowned institutions in the industry, including HRoot, a leading human resource media company in China, and Top Employers Institute, a certification company that recognizes excellent employers globally. A total of 312 companies with 633 creative proposals enrolled. Eventually 40 companies including Tencent and Netease stood out from the fierce competition and won 11 respective awards.

LKKHPG’s Health Philosophy Programme was launched in 2013, and since then has been gradually implemented during the subsequent four years, with the aim of enhancing health awareness of both employees and the general public. The programme consists of a variety of inspiring events and activities. Many of them were held once annually, including health camps, hiking (participants could redeem their hiking miles for coupons to purchase tickets on China’s high-speed railways) and a photography competition where contestants competed by submitting the best photos depicting healthy diet, rest, exercise and positive thinking, the four aspects LKKHPG advocated. With more than 10,000 registrants to date, the programme has received unanimous compliment from the judging committee.

A spokesperson for the programme explained, “We hope the programme enables our staff to develop awareness of the importance of health through participation and encourage more people to nurture healthy lifestyles. Many of our colleagues have managed to lose weight and become more energetic through walking 10,000 steps or more daily. In addition, events such as the Four Habits Photography Competition spread positive energy among the general public by means of social media platforms, like Facebook and WeChat. The wining photo received more than 40,000 likes.”

Mr. Harry Yeung, Senior Vice President of LKKHPG added, “Based on the core values of Si Li Ji Ren – considering collective benefits before acting – we always value employees as our most valuable assets. We are committed to employee health, which is instrumental in creating the unique advantages of our talent pool, reinforcing our employer brand and enhancing our core competitiveness.”

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